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Seamless Integration with Popular Platforms

EmbedPDF.com is designed to work seamlessly with leading platforms like WordPress, Shopify, and Squarespace. No developer skills? No problem! Simply copy and paste a straightforward snippet to embed your PDFs. For advanced users and developers, enjoy custom integration with popular frameworks such as React, Angular, Vue.JS, and Svelte for even greater control.

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Viewer Security

Ensure secure PDF embedding on your website with our robust security settings. With a few clicks, you can disable or enable downloads, limit text selection, or control the search within the document, protecting your valuable content while maintaining its accessibility.

Lead Generation

Convert your PDFs into powerful lead generation tools. Implement pop-up forms that appear based on user activity, asking readers to input their email to continue reading. Capture leads directly from your content, maximizing the value of each reader interaction.

Detailed Analytics

Understanding your audience's behavior is key to content optimization. EmbedPDF.com provides valuable insights into user interactions with your PDFs. Learn who viewed your content, which pages they visited, and their reading duration. With these data, you can make informed decisions to improve your content strategy.

Customizable Viewer

With EmbedPDF.com, you can easily embed PDFs in your website and make sure they perfectly align with your website's aesthetics. Adjust color schemes, layouts, and overall design of your embedded PDF viewer for a visually cohesive user experience.

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